average cost to replace roof Dunedin

average cost to replace roof Dunedin

Your roof will not look as good, steady, and fresh two decades after its installation. The most exposed part of the house is bound to have apparent signs of damage due to environmental elements like water and dry hair. Here is a list of symptoms you will notice when you suspect that the building needs a roofing replacement:

  • Curled shingle edges
  • Bald spots due to missing granules
  • Dark streaks of algae
  • Moss 

Many people would recommend saving at least one percent of the home value for maintenance and repair. Other people suggest that you should be more vigilant and save at least $1 for every square foot of the roof each year. 

You must have a ballpark idea of what it takes to replace the particular roof of the structure. This precaution will help you plan in regards to finances and other lifestyle changes. 

What influences the average cost to replace roofs in Dunedin?

The median cost of replacing a roof is $7500. This information is from a study by Home Advisor, which prices the least expensive replacement at $1200 and $30,000 for the high-end structures. The replacement of a roof adheres to the same standards that affect the installation of a roof – style, size, roofing expert, and location of the building. There are, however, a few additional conditions specific to roof replacement projects. 


Many roof guarantee agreements last up to 25 years. Some manufacturers provide a lifetime of warranty coverage. Some firms have discounts on certain products, such as impact resistant shingles. Check with your insurance broker or the original installation professional before beginning a replacement project. 

Type of home

The size of the roof is dependent on the nature of the structure. Townhouses will have a different average price in comparison to RV structures. These setups define how you can prepare for your specific home structure.

The replacement cost of a mobile home

The price ranges between $2000 and $4600 for a single-wide home of up to 1300 square feet. Asphalt is conventional for mobile homes and costs generally lower than alternatives like metal. You can, however, talk to Excel Exterior for special services such as installing a metal roof on top of the previous asphalt to increase the duration of service. 

Replacement of a shed roof

The average cost of replacing a 120 square feet roof is $430. You may have to add extra expenses for the removal of the old roof. 

Replacement of a townhouse roof

The average cost is not more than $7700 for a 1000 square feet roof. The price will, however, adhere to the primary factors that affect the installation of a roof. 

Additional costs of replacing a roof

Installing a subsequent roof will include the following services:

  • Paying for permits
  • Replacing the deck
  • Fitting sheath
  • Installing flash
  • Removal of the old roof 

Discuss the cost of installing a replacement roof with a company that has good reviews and a strong history in the industry. Beware of low bids because they may cause additional damage to the ceiling.


average cost to replace roof Dunedin
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average cost to replace roof Dunedin
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