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Basswood Shutters Chino Hills

Basswood Shutters Chino Hills

Basswood trees are mainly available in central North and eastern America. The fast-growing tree has massive economic value because it grows fast and has a large trunk to source the needed raw materials. In addition, the pale white to brown tree generally has minimal knots and defects, hence has a good texture for furnishing constructions.

What else is so great about basswood for window shutters?

Basswood is the number one selling material for Chino Hills CA wood shutters for many different reasons. First, it is a softwood that is easy to mold and carves, making it a popular pick for window shutters. Here is a list of its most common benefits:


The most outstanding quality of basswood wooden plantation shutters in Chino Hills is their affordability and availability. As a result, manufacturers will pick Basswood to make available window shutters for most residential and commercial windows.


The straight wood has the perfect texture for window shutters and takes up color well because of its ability to stain fast. You can always get the shutters in their most natural form of natural wood or find a collection with the proper staining patterns. Both choices are a beautiful addition to any home and will exhibit a consistent and uniform color when you use the same design.

Lightweight and strong

Do not let the lightweight fool you because it is still hard enough to last decades. Many people assume wood is heavy and difficult to bend. Basswood is exceptionally light and therefore does not twist or warp even with constant exposure to moisture from the outside air. You will be safe investing in large basswood shutters in Chino Hills because they perform just as well on wide and large windows in the home.

Easy to install

Basswood has a non-porous wood that is easy to manipulate during installation. It will be easier to stick the wood on other materials using adhesives because the surface does not soak up all the liquid. The result will be tight and strong joints that do not move with constant opening and closing.

Sustainable resource

The United States grows one of the highest numbers of Basswood each year due to the high demand for many different industries. As stated earlier, it is an easy plant to grow and harvest, meaning it is a reliable material for different manufacturing needs. Therefore, you can rest assured that MHD Shutters & Blinds will fulfill all your orders for any volume of residential or commercial projects.

Reasons to choose our Basswood shutters in Chino Hills.

All our Chino Hills wood shutters have a custom design and functionality. You can get just enough opening styles, paint colors, and mounting designs to suit your commercial or residential window designs. There is another huge reason we include basswood shutters in our collection – affordability. Check out the online store for details on our prices and styles to find window shutters in Chino Hills that match your décor and price range. Our experts are also on standby to help you choose shutters and blinds in Chino Hills California that fit into your dream home when you call (888-483-3647) or email.

Basswood Shutters Chino Hills
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Basswood Shutters Chino Hills
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