repair roof shingles St Petersburg FL

repair roof shingles St Petersburg FL

Roof shingles have a series of single overlapping components that start at the bottom edge. The lowest elements form a barrier that repels the collection of ice, snow, and water. The installation of roof shingles uses seams or joints that overlap with the adjacent one at a higher level. Water that runs down the roof flows until it reaches the eaves and drops into the gutters. 

What is the function of shingles?

Maintain integrity

The roof shingles form a waterproof barrier that maintains the entire integrity of the whole roofing structure. This case is because of water that leaks will cause eventual rotting of the wood and interior ceiling.


The entire look of the home depends on the style and material of the shingles. This is evident in neighborhoods where HOA agreements restrict the use of certain types. You can pick the shingle that suits your functional goals, budget, and styling setup.


Various types of shingles have different energy efficiency quotients. Some roofers will place different shingles on the attic to increase heat loss and protect against moisture 

The color of the shingle also determines the heat transfer of the section. Each material and color combination affects how much heat transfer goes through a particular part.


The type and quality of roofing material will affect the lifespan of the home. The cheap roofing shingles will suffer and deteriorate fast. Excel Exteriors will advise on the best content to ensure the long-term health of the roof. 

Unique types of roofing shingles

Copper roof shingles

Copper roof shingles are a different type of roofing system. They are available through a few individual roofing companies. Copper is a unique material because it bestows elegance to the building. It is common to see copper shingles on bay windows, turrets, gutters, drip edge trims, and flashing. 

The installation of copper shingles undergoes the same process as that of other types – interlocking of individual metal sheets. 

Rubber roof shingles

This roofing style offers an excellent alternative to other common materials. It is made of recycled rubber, whose primary source is recycled tires. This roofing material has a manufacturing system that simulates that of asphalt shingles, slate tiles, and wooden shakes. This synthetic option is stronger than other options and will last a prolonged duration. 

Cedar roof shingles

This material is smooth and imitates the rusty wooden look of wood shakes. The wooden shingles are, however, unique in the structural makeup. Its high-end value and cost make it viable for more top residential homes. 

Cool roof shingles

The shingle manufacturers that develop common variations also set up manufacturing systems that are different from the standard type - the cool roof. This type has very reflective granules and reflects more heat than other shingles. 

The cool roof has a particular type of shingle with a design that reflects away the sun’s damaging rays. Cool roof shingles are typical in hot regions that experience intense heating in summer. Excel Exterior has a shingle installation system that will suit all sorts of buildings. Repair of roof shingles in St Petersburg FL should include a formula that caters to the functional part of the building.

repair roof shingles St Petersburg FL
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repair roof shingles St Petersburg FL
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