roof renovation St Petersburg FL

roof renovation St Petersburg FL

The roof is one of the first things observers will notice about your home. It needs vigilant care because it has the most significant exposure to weather elements like heat and snow. Ignoring the health of the roof should never be a situation with your property. Roof renovation in St Petersburg FL, will keep it going for all its guaranteed years of service. 

Remodeling the roof during a renovation process is the best option when you want to make the most of the intermittent repair sessions. Consider these conditions when you have an impending renovation task.

  • The look and style of the roof should be impressive enough to match your current preference
  • Get a free inspection from Excel Exteriors to understand your stance with the details
  • Ensure that the contractor recognizes the digital picture of your house before beginning. A detailed plan should include accurate sizing and complementary colors
  • Ask about the annual maintenance cost of the roofing before committing to a particular design or shingles
  • Ask about the value of the project to prepare the necessary construction fees
  • Scan the site and call the roofing company to ensure that they will give you a detailed explanation of what to expect 

Tips to consider when remodeling during renovation

Be wary of a roof over

You may find the reduced price of placing a roof over the original one to be too enticing to ignore. The unknown bit is that this choice poses potential problems that outweigh the intended benefit. A roofing structure above the first shingles will cut short the life by reducing the circulation of heat, and increasing the chances of moisture build-up. Finally, a roof over will void the warranty of the shingles. 

Know the size of the roof

Roofing contractors can give you an estimate that aligns with the number of squares of the roofing material - A square is a 100 square foot sizing. Most average-sized residential buildings will have 20 squares; hence, the total square feet will be 2000 in a count. 


One crucial factor of an excellent roofing system is the ventilation process. Ensuring that the roof has enough attics will prevent the collection of moisture in winter and extreme heat in summer. Ask the contractor to include a venting that will secure the ceiling for a lifetime. The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends a one square foot ventilating area for every 150 square feet of the attic’s floor.

Consider the wood under the singles

A professional roofer will remove old shingles and make necessary repairs to the underlying wood. Ensure that the contractor allows for these repairs and ask for advice if they do not include the service in their regular roof renovation in St Petersburg, FL. 

Fix the protective covering

Shingles should not have a direct attachment to the raw wooden bit of the roof. A protective barrier with the proper materials will guard the cover against water and ice. This precaution is crucial for buildings in areas with heavy rains or icing. The contractor should include fasteners and drip edges in the estimated price.



roof renovation St Petersburg FL
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roof renovation St Petersburg FL
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