roof storm damage St Pete

roof storm damage St Pete

Do you have roof storm damage in St Pete?  Contact Excel Exteriors, Inc. and ask about their free inspection.

What Are Some Types of Storm Related-Roof Damage?

High winds can blow off your shingles and leave your roof unprotected and prone to leaks. This should be addressed, so damage is minimized.

If you have debris hitting your roof, it will cause severe damage to your shingles. This will cause leaks, and can potentiality undermine the structural integrity of your home. A damaged roof will not be as energy efficient as one that is in good repair.

Gutters that have been damaged by a storm can cause problems, and they should be replaced.

The loss of shingle granules is common during a storm. Those granules help keep your home temperate.

How Do I Know If I Have Roof Storm Damage?

Severe weather can damage a roof. If you have had a hurricane, tornado, thunderstorm, or hailstorm, you should check your roof for damage.  There are times when the damage is very apparent such as a tree or limb crashing onto your roof. This is when you call for a temporary repair until the extent of the storm damage can be assessed. If you pay for a temporary fix, make sure you keep the receipt. If your insurance is paying for your repairs, you need to keep copies of everything pertaining to the repair.

If the damage isn't readily visible, you will need to start looking for any problems you may be able to spot. Inspect your attic for leaks and water damage. Check the ground around your home and look for shingles or pieces of shingles. You would want to look for anything that has come off your roof.  If you were in a hail storm check for siding and roof damage. Hail damage typically forms dimples on your shingles.  Safety always comes first. Don't go on your roof. Instead, contact a company that handles roof storm damage in St Pete.

What To Do If I Find Damage After A Storm?

The first thing you should do is contact your insurance agent. Your insurance agent will explain how to file a claim, and they will usually send out an insurance adjuster or inspector to verify the damage. Your insurance company is there to help you, but they do not want to pay unnecessary claims.

Do not rush into signing any contract with a roofing contractor. Instead, get written estimates and business cards. If you live in an area that was devastated by a storm, beware of companies that are not licensed and insured. You will want to make sure you hire a reputable company that has all of the necessary credentials to perform any repairs or install your new roof.  Be skeptical if a contractor encourages you to spend a lot of money on a temporary repair. You want to make sure you have enough money left over for permanent repairs or a new roof.

For all of your roof damage in St Pete, contact Excel Exteriors, Inc. They have an A+ with the BBB, and you can count on them to do the job right.

roof storm damage St Pete
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roof storm damage St Pete
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