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Roofing Design Kelowna

Roofing Design Kelowna

Roofing Design Kelowna

Struts, guys and ties. Beams, nails and your obviously needed roof designs. Yes, that is correct. Interior Roofing. We are a company that specializes in roof repairs, constructions, roof maintenance. That is all things roof related. We are proud of our very own roof designs.

We have been around since 1976 and we are still well and running. Reputability is what we build our service on. We believe that a roof should leave a lasting impression on any home or commercial building. It should be designed and built for longevity.

1976. It is because we have been around for so long that you can be sure that we have your resources covered. Our artisans are fully equipped with the knowledge and experience to design a roof fitting your home or any commercial building.
Along with our expert craftsmanship comes an affordability rate that is hard to beat. So if you find yourself wanting to change or repair your roof. Give us a call and we will give you a free estimate.

Designs for you
Throughout the years we have become a known producer of quality roofing services. That just goes to say that having clients trust that trusts you to provide a top of the range services goes a long way. And I know for a fact that, because our values haven’t changed, our company have become even more reputable.

We present designs that can be adapted to your particular roofing need. Albeit wanting a whole new roof.
Sheet metal roofing is one of our many materials used in our designs. Offering customized metal fabrications. We are allowed to do this because we are certified and trained to deal with all types of metal roofing and provide unique designs as well as custom installations.

Waterproofing a roof has always been an integral part of roof installations. In this process, we make use of liquid membranes and depending on the coating system. It could last for the better part of fifteen years. This process is known as liquid roofing.

Among the various roofing services we provide. Is rain screens. This is the process whereby rain screen cladding is attached to the outer skin of a specific roof cladding with a ventilated and drained cavity to a new existing building.

Emergencies. What you most probably want to know is whether or not we provide on-call services. Well. Yes, we do. We understand that accidents happen. In the event that your home or commercial building is damaged, we are positioned in such a way to act as soon as possible to your needs. We will solve the problem and get it done ASAP. So that you can go on with your life with the peace of mind that your roof is secured.

The building envelope and rain screens. As a result of the building envelope. A facility’s energy efficiency can be increased in multiple ways. This includes the reduction and preventing of air leakage, the prevention of wet insulation, and it could decrease the effects of thermal bridging.

We want our designs to look sleek and time fitting. Therefore we also install a wide range of architectural composite wall panels to suit your different needs as a client.
So give us a call!

Roofing Design Kelowna
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