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Solar Pool Installation Gilbert

Solar Pool Installation Gilbert

Get a Top Solar Pool Installation in Gilbert

Solar energy has become one of the most popular alternative energy sources today. Already more than one million families in the U.S. are using this system, and a variety of companies have also installed solar panel systems for commercial buildings. This growing trend is thanks to the great advantages that solar energy has over conventional energy.

If you want to install top residential solar panels or solar panels for businesses, you have two options. On the one hand, you can hire the professional services of a leading solar energy company like Volt Energy. On the other hand, if you are a DIY enthusiast, you can venture out on your own. For you to make a top-of-the-line installation you should consider the best method for you to make an ideal setup.

Top 5-Step Solar Panel Installation Guide

  1. Mounts

First of all, you should place the mounts for the solar panels for commercial or residential that you are going to install. You must select an open space that receives enough sun (the roof is usually the winning place). The mounts can be on a roof, on brackets, or recessed, depending on your needs. You must select the ideal orientation. Also, you must calculate the perfect tilt angle, which is typically between 18 and 36 degrees.

  1. Placing the Panels

Once the mounts are properly attached, you must place the panels on the structure. To do this, you will use the nuts and bolts provided in the kit. Be careful to only go through the panels where indicated. Also, make sure that the panels are securely fastened to their bases. This will prevent the wind or any other agent from moving them and making them less efficient. In the worst case, an improperly installed panel can blow off and become damaged.

  1. Do the Wiring

Universal connectors such as MC4 are usually used for wiring. These types of connectors can be used on all types of panels. Also, you must decide how you are going to connect your panels. You can place them in series; this mode increases the voltage match with the battery bank. You can also place them in parallel, in which the voltages of each panel remain, but they will act independently.

  1. Connect the Inverter and Battery

Now you must connect the inverter to the grid of solar panels previously installed. The inverter is connected to your panel system, and it is the one that will help you transform the photovoltaic energy into electrical energy. Besides, you must install and connect the battery bank. This will be useful to have electricity on bad weather days and during the night.

  1. Final Check and Launch

Once you have made all the necessary connections, it is time for a final inspection. Make sure that all equipment is securely fastened. Also check that all connections are properly made, according to the installation diagram. When everything is in order, start the inverter by turning on the main switch of the property. You will be able to check the generation statistics on the inverter's digital display.

Need Help with Your Solar System?

If you prefer to rely on professional experts for your home or business solar panels, you can count on Volt Energy. Since 2015, we've become the go-to company for solar panel installation. We are ready to provide you with the greatest solar pool installation in Gilbert. Let us provide you with world-class service. Reach out for questions or to get a free consultation.

Solar Pool Installation Gilbert

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