Fast Emergency Storm Damage Repair Service

Storms, hail, or weather elements can wreak havoc on your property. If your home has suffered storm damage, get in touch with Excel Exteriors for our storm restoration contractors as soon as possible.

Our storm damage roof repair service will arrange a free inspection and go beyond the surface to spot even the subtlest damage.

Strom Damage Repair Service

Importance of hiring storm damage repair service

More often than not, storm damage goes unnoticed by homeowners as it takes a trained eye to distinguish the damage from just ordinary deterioration that happens with time. In many cases, you may not even suspect your home’s structural integrity has been compromised which is why it’s essential to arrange for regular check-ups.

We provide absolutely free of charge inspections

A member of our residential storm damage roof repair team will come by your property, assess the scope and degree of damage and suggest a suitable course of action. We work with all major insurance carriers and can assist you with the insurance claim process.

To make things easy for you, our in-house claim specialist will liaise with the insurance company and answer any questions they may have.

Following that, we will meet with the insurance adjuster and ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. Many homeowners don’t know that the adjuster represents the interests of the insurance company alone which is why it’s important to have a trusted partner on your side.

Our own field specialists will liaise with the insurance adjuster, assess the scope of the damage and discuss the appropriate measures needed to restore your property to the pre-storm condition.

We leverage our decades of experience and trained eyes to ensure nothing gets overlooked and you get the best outcome possible.

We know that insurance paperwork is often confusing and daunting to the average homeowner which is why our team will also walk you through it. We steer clear of jargon and make sure you know exactly what your insurance estimate includes, as well as do our best to answer your questions.

This is what makes us better than all other storm damage repair companies in Florida and Minneapolis. 


Excel Exterior Contractors

Don't Panic

Relay On our storm repair contractors

Once a storm damages your roof, you will need expert storm repair contractors to repair it as soon as possible.

Our roof storm damage contractors are always available at your service, and only a phone call away. So, contact us now to get the best storm repair service!

We are a Storm Damage Company Committed to the Community

At Excel Exteriors, we believe in keeping an open channel of communication throughout the entire repair process. We will discuss your needs and propose a range of materials and repair options, as well as guide you through them to help you make the right, informed, choice. We will also bring material samples to you, explain the differences and assist with color choices upon request.

We are ready always

We know your time is valuable which is why we aspire to complete every repair project in a timely manner while keeping it on budget. Normally, our production office will be able to notify you of the project’s start date in advance.
Lastly, we will recover any available depreciation. Insurance companies usually withhold a portion of the money until the work has been completed: we will automatically invoice them on your behalf to make sure the final check reaches you as soon as possible.

What Our Customers Say

Vital Tree

Our roof was damaged by the hail and needed replacement. We contacted Excel Exteriors to do the job. They were great, professional, respectful from receiving a quote to the moment the work was done. No hassle with insurance they handled it very professionally. Alex was very responsive and made sure our roof looked great! Thank you to the whole team!!!

Daniel Crowley

They did my roof last summer. When I was experiencing a leak this summer in my flat roof, which was not part of the job they did, Dan still came over to help me out it a year after they did their job! Talk about going above and beyond to provide excellent customer service and satisfaction.

Debra Ann Meisner

They have been GREAT to work with throughtout this whole process. They dealt with our insurance company and we received everything we were promised. We have a new roof, siding, gutters and front deck. We LOVE our new home. A great job all done with quality materials and professional people!!!

Vasiliy Skorykh

Excel Exteriors did a great job on installing a brand new roof on our church! Very professional and great company to work with, Pastor Vasiliy.

Jean Wittenberg Beaulieu

Excel Exteriors did a fantastic job installing our new roof. Very professional and communication with them was great. Highly recommend!

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